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My name is Silvia da Silva Martinho. I am a Portuguese singer and voice teacher living in The Netherlands since 1998. I am married to a dutch Baritone and voice teacher as well. Together we have a naughty son…

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Teaching philosophy

I prefer to keep an informal atmosphere in the lesson. I’m optimistic, relaxed and adaptable and at the same time precise in what I teach.
A teacher is a mentor and a guide who raises awareness and confidence in their students, helping them to find a sense of direction, and empowering them to believe in themselves.
I stimulate collaborative, creative, discovery-based learning.
When I manage to help my “young” vocalists achieving more confidence, a calm sense of control and therewith musical joy, then I know I have done my job well.

My vocal lessons are

  • both for beginners and advanced
  • suitable if you don’t read music, you can still learn repertoire through hearing.
  • a good preparation for your auditions or exams
  • improving your voice for choir singing
  • perfect for you if you just want to enjoy singing

Why do we sing?

We could say singing is fundamental because many people in the whole world love to sing. Whether you’re a shower singer, professional diva or taking part in a choir, all types of singing will bring benefits to your brain.

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